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Spa Bird Table

We're sorry, but currently we can't supply the Spa birdtable weathervane's NSWE part, the metal sleeve at the centre is not available at the moment.

 However, you can buy a Spa birdtable, and we will forward

the NSWE to you when it is ready - with no charge of course! 


  • Spa is 6' 9" (2.07 metres) tall. The base is cast Cotswold stone and is very heavy - the birdtable will not blow over.

  • The table is 3' 8" from the ground and 1' 6" diameter. The birdtable is quite large and has good solid 'presence'. 

  • The arrow will change directions as the wind does, so you will know if it's a balmy westerly or a chilly northerly before venturing outside. The arrow turns gently with the change in wind direction-it doesn't whizz round like a windmill frightening the birds; its movement is no more than tree branches would move in the wind.

  • The bath is aluminium; the rest is sturdily made in steel which is zinc plated then powder coated green.

  • The table is perforated, so it drains. All metalwork is finished in dark green.

  • There is a hook for a feeder to be suspended on - we offer the coconut feeder which is filled with fat and seeds, and is priced at £4.99. We like the look of it, as well as its being popular with birds!

  • Spa is supplied flatpack, with clear drawings and instructions;  assembly is simple: 'a doddle' as one customer told us.


The price is £210.



You are welcome to come and collect from us in Wallingford or delivery by carrier is £26.32 (because the base is so heavy).                                       

Spa Bird Table



Gardens need a central feature, a focus, and a sculpture outside your window becomes boring.

The simple geometry and elegance of our Spa bird table provides a foil to the abundance of nature. 

It will also of course fill your garden with birds, providing interest and entertainment all year.


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Spa with Squirrel Baffle

  • Spa birdtable with squirrel baffle

  • If you have trouble with grey squirrels, this baffle, which we have designed & had made,
    forms a barrier and makes the table squirrel resistant.

  • We also think it looks good.

It is £29.50, delivery included when you buy a birdtable.


So - a Spa birdtable, plus squirrel baffle, plus delivery is a total of £265.82

Spa Birdtable with pigeon excluder and coconut

  • Spa birdtable with pigeon excluder. Larger birds cannot access the table, only smaller birds.

  • The pigeon excluder can easily be released and lifted to put food on the table, or to clean it.

  • There is a hole in the top of the pigeon excluder for a coconut or feeder to hang from the hook.

  • The pigeon excluder costs £19.50, and is only available when you buy a birdtable, when postage is included.

  • To post it separately is prohibitively expensive.

  • The coconut costs £4.99.

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