The People Who Make the Bird Tables

These are some of the people who make our birdtables:

Chris Brown metal worker with a laser cut bird he has cut, tapped and welded a sleeve to

Chris Brown who makes many of our

steel parts in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.

Warren Mantle with a stone bird table base he as made for us

Warren Mantle and Damien Wing who make our stone bases in Standlake, Oxfordshire.

Graham Dent with 2 tales he has spun for us

Graham Dent, whose company makes our tables

and baths in Quarry Bank, Birmingham.

Colin holding a bird bath he has spun for us

Colin, who, with his son - seen behind, work for Graham Dent. He spins our bird baths - to be seen, before finishing, in his left hand. The tool with which he forms the bird bath on the lathe to be seen in his other hand.

Govinder with 3 bird tables he has zinc plated for us

Govinder who zinc plates our

metal parts in Dudley, West Midlands

Keith with a bird, bird table and hoop he has powder coated for us

Keith Petch who powder coats our metal parts

in Newbury, Berkshire

Lisa with a bird bath she has treated then powder coated for us

Lisa Mitchell at Le Carousel in Silchester who treats our birdbaths with SurTec 650 ChromitAL and then powder coats them.

Kevin with a squirrel baffle he has made for us

Kevin McQuaid in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire,

who makes our squirrel baffles.

Tony making cardboard tubes for us

Tony Jenkins in Erdington, Birmingham making the cardboard tubes in which we pack the steel birdtable posts for transport by carrier.

Billy with large cardboard tubes he has made for us

Billy at Birmingham Mailing Cases in Erdington helping us load the tubes they have made in which we pack and post our Zen and Oiseaux posts.

IMG_5039 (Edited).JPG

Neil Ryles, our local farmer, who supplies us with bales of barley

straw (which is less stalky than wheat straw) to use in packing

our birdtables to prevent them getting damaged in transit.