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Fieldfare Bird Table

Fieldfare bird table

  • Fieldfare is 4' 8" (1.43 metres) tall.

  • The base is cast Cotswold stone and is very heavy - the birdtable will not blow over.

  • The table is 3' 8" from the ground and 1' 6" diameter. The birdtable is quite large and has good solid 'presence'.

  • The bird table is made from steel which is zinc plated then powder coated green; the table is perforated, so it drains.

  • All metalwork is finished in dark green.

  • Fieldfare is supplied flatpack, with clear drawings and instructions;  assembly is simple: 'a doddle' as one customer told us.

  • The feeder sitting on the table is £8.99.


The price of the birdtable is £158.


You are welcome to come and collect from us in Wallingford or, delivery by carrier is £14.00 

(because the base is so heavy).

Fieldfare Bird Table



Gardens need a central feature, a focus, and a sculpture outside your window becomes boring.

The simple geometry and elegance of our Fieldfare bird table provides a foil to

the abundance of nature. 

It will also of course fill your garden with birds, providing interest and entertainment all year.



To order and pay online, click here;

or by cheque or bank transfer (£5 discount) click here.

Any queries  - please ring: 01491 825494 or email us



Fieldfare with Squirrel Baffle

Fieldfare birdtable with squirrel baffle



  • If you have problems with grey squirrels, this baffle, which we have designed and had made, forms a barrier and makes your bird table squirrel resistant.

  • The squirrel baffle is £39.50, delivery included when you buy a birdtable.



Fieldfare with pigeon excluder and squirrel baffle

Fieldfare bird table with squirrel baffle and pigeon excluder




  • Fieldfare bird table - with both a pigeon excluder and squirrel baffle.

  • Elegant, simple and effective.

Fieldfare with Pigeon Excluder and Squirrel Baffle

3 Sunflower seed & mealworm feeders under a pigeon excluder

Close-up of Fieldfare bird table with 3 sunflower seed & mealworm feeders under a pigeon excluder

  • 3 Sunflower seed & mealworm feeders sit comfortably under a pigeon excluder. 

  • They cost £8.99 each.

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