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Feeders, Pigeon Excluders & Squirrel Baffles to go on the bird tables

Please only order these items with a birdtable. The postage is prohibitive on its own,

but is included when you buy a birdtable.

Sunflower seed & mealworm feeder

Sunflower seed & mealworm feeder
  • Feeder for all seeds (not whole peanuts) & especially for mealworms.

  • Ideal for Sunflower seeds, or seed mixtures - no mess!

  • You will attract lots of birds to your garden with this feeder as they adore mealworms, and if you can't face feeding the live ones, you can get dried mealworms.

  • The roof can be raised or lowered to allow access to small birds only and exclude pigeons and crows!

  • The roof means mealworms are not drowned by rain or  desiccated by the sun, but are maintained in an ideal state - a very attractive and nutritious food for lots of garden birds.

  • Please note the green bolt head cover in the foreground. We have them specially made and dyed green to match the metalwork.

  • We recommend that you place 2 tangerine sized stones in the bowl with the seeds to stop it blowing off the table when it's empty.

  • This feeder can only be ordered with a birdtable, price £8.99, postage is included.

  • To add to your birdtable order, please click here

3 sunflower seed & mealworm feeders under a pigeon excluder

3 sunflower seed & mealworm feeders on a Fieldfare bird table under a pigeon excluder

Coconut Feeder

Coconut feeder hanging in a hoop
  • A hollowed-out whole coconut with filled with fat and seeds.

  • These look wonderful in the hoop, the proportions are good.


  • Price: £5.99


Only available when you buy a birdtable -

To add one to your order, please click here



Pigeon Excluder

Pigeon Excluder On Songbird Bird table
  • Pigeon excluders are available to fit on all the birdtables.

  • They are easy to fit - instructions included.

  • They are also easy to lift to put food on the table, and to clean it.


  • They are £29.50, and only available with a birdtable (postage on it's own is prohibitively expensive)

To add one to your order, please click here.

Squirrel Baffle

Squirrel baffle
  • Squirrel baffles are available for all birdtables EXCEPT the Larkrise. 

  • The baffle is 500mm diameter - very wide.

  • The Larkrise wooden shelf projects a little bit beyond the baffle, so, on balance, we think clever squirrels would get their claws round the edge of the baffle and catch onto the wood.

  • They are 3mm thick PETG, good and solid; they are UV stable. After about 5 years, if you hit them sharply with a hammer, they might shatter; they may have become a bit brittle.

  • They are £39.50 and only available when you buy a birdtable.

If you would like to add one to your order, please click here.​

tel 01491 825494 or 07707 066 484, or email us

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