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Do come and collect your ordered birdtable and have... 

A Day Out in Wallingford, Oxfordshire

(and save £14.00 postage on your bird table...)

Tourist information office Wallingford
Lamb arcade - 3 floors of antique stalls

Lamb Arcade - 3 floors of Antiques stalls

Indigo Rye one of many barbers and hairdressers in Wallingford

Have your hair cut! 

We have a selection of excellent hairdressers, and 3 barbers

Tourist Information in the Market Square can supply info on history of the town, walks around town and in the area, Midsummer Murders info (was filmed here), Agatha Christie info (she lived here), What's on etc.

Wallingford Museum.

They do an excellent audio guide. Wallingford and it's huge castle were besieged by Cromwell's forces in the civil war. Afterwards the castle was blown up using cannon recently improved in design, and the stones of the destroyed castle were floated down the Thames on barges to help extend Windsor Castle.

Museum Opening Hours: 

Market day is Friday.

Friday Market Fruit and veg stall
Market Bird Food stall

Bird food - nuts, seeds, fat blocks etc.

Market Florist


Market Bread stall

Large range of delicious loaves of bread, cakes & pies

Fresh good quality fruit and veg

Independent quality shops 


Grape Minds

Independent wine, beer and spirits merchant

Charming Cafes, good restaurants & pubs for lunch.

Wallingford Tea & Coffee Co

Wallingford Tea and Coffee Co - Proper traditional tea and coffee merchant, tea blends made in house, also roasting of coffee beans. Big choice of quality teas (also herbal) and coffees.

 Bean and brew coffee shop

Bean and Brew - one of many charming coffee shops with home made cakes

Boathouse pub

The Boathouse pub, on the river Thames, which runs through Wallingford.


Ribilzi Cafe - Vegetarian and vegan food

Waterfront Cafe in Benson

Electric Boat Hire in Wallingford

Waterfront Cafe Benson

You could walk along the Thames towpath to Benson - about 35 mins -

and have lunch in the Waterfront Cafe. Or on a summer's evening have

dinner with a glass of wine then stroll back in the twilight. 

Pure boating electric boat hire Wallingford

You can hire a silent electric boat from from £40 per hour for

a 4 seater or £50 for an 8 seater.

View up the Thames towards Benson

Thames looking north towards Benson, which is only 35 mins walk upstream, passing Benson lock and crossing the Thames at the spectacular weir! A lovely walk with the Waterfront Cafe to reward you at the end.

View down the Thames towards Goring

Thames looking south towards Goring.

You can swim, paddleboard or canoe in the Thames, and picnic on the bank under a willow tree.

We have many excellent specialist shops in Wallingford

Wallingford Bookshop

Wallingford Bookshop, great advice on what to read. They can order and get most books in 24 hours. Ring and order the day before and collect your books when you collect your birdtable.

Tel: 01491 834383

Wallingford bookshop

Wallingford Bookshop - Good selection of hard and paperbacks, Also cards.

Waters Violins

Waters Violins - They also sell cases, do repairs and also sell old violins

Cellos in WatersViolins

Cellos in Waters Violins

Waters Violins

Waters Violins.

Petits Gents outfitters

Petits - Gentlemen's Outfitters.

Jackets, trousers, suits, shirts, hats etc.

Petits Gents outfitters

Petits - Gents Outfitters, everything you could need, including shoes.

Rides on air - Bike Shop

Bike shop - Rides on Air. Huge range of bicycles and accessories for sale, they do repairs and have a cafe. They run courses on bike repair.


Sportswize - choice of trainers

Sportswize - whole range of

sports clothing and equipment

Brooker & Breeze jewellers

Brooker and Breeze Jewellers. They design and make jewellery, sell a range and do repairs

Shoes in 2s - shoe shop

Shoes in Twos - Ladies Shoes

Busy Brush
First edition, ladies clothes shop

First Edition - Ladies Clothes and Shoes

Busy Brush - you can decorate your own pottery . Coffee and cakes too.

Village Fabrics

Village fabrics, patchwork shop

Village Fabrics - huge specialist patchwork and quilting shop.

Village fabrics
village fabrics
Village fabrics - Patchwok Classes

Village Fabrics also run a range of courses on patchwork and quilting.

Also haberdashery. They make curtains and sell sewing machines.

Colliers - Builders' Merchant in Crowmarsh, just over Wallingford bridge.

Colliers hardware - builders' merchant

Everything you could possibly need plus helpful advice.


Colliers - Tools, electrical and

plumbing equipment, paint,

door furniture, screws etc

Colliers - Paving slabs, fencing, cement etc


  • We are at the foot of the Chilterns with many lovely walks and pubs in the surrounding countryside.

  • We are a short distance from Streatley and Goring, and the lovely Swan Hotel, which is right on the Thames.

  • We are also just 20 minutes' drive from both Henley on Thames and Oxford.



Here's a reminder of our range, with links to each page: 

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