Bird tables with bird baths, feeders, squirrel baffles and weather vanes.
From £99. Six contemporary designs, made in England from metal and stone.

Contemporary Bird tables with Baths, Weather Vanes, Squirrel Baffles and Feeders

Larkrise Bird Table with Bird Bath & Seed Feerder in a Garden with 3 Birds on the Bird Table Bird Tables
* An original birthday or anniversary present.
* Both designed AND manufactured in England.
* Prices from £99 + delivery.
* Exclusively available from this website - not from any retail shops or garden centres.
* Weather vane: see the wind direction before you go outside!
* Won't blow over & will last years and years, made from metal & stone.
* We can inscribe lettering for you in the stone base - a date, initials, a wish!
* Squirrel baffle available - see below

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Any queries, or to order not online, ie by sending a cheque (£5 off!), please ring: 01491 825494 - for more details, please click here

This is the range of 6 bird tables

Zen Spa Songbird Oiseaux Larkrise Fieldfare
Zen bird table Spa Bird Table Songbird bird table Oiseaux bird table Larkrise Bird Table Fieldfare Bird Table

The bird tables are designed by our designer here in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.
All the parts are made exclusively for us by skilled craftsmen in England using materials that are of the finest quality.


Here are the 6 bird tables in more detail, with prices:

Fieldfare bird tables

Songbird bird tables

Oiseaux bird tables


bird table.
(Feeder on table, with
roof lowered, will EXCLUDE PIGEONS!)


(With sunflower seed & mealworm feeder £6.99 & delivery £19.99 total: £125.98)


bird table, hook for feeder & bird


(With coconut feeder £4.99 & delivery £24.91 total: £178.90)


bird table, bath, hook for feeder & bird


(With seed feeder £17.99 & delivery £24.91 total: £267.90)

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Larkrise Bird Table Spa Bird Table  Zen Bird Tables

bird table, bath, hook for feeder & bird with Oak shelf


(With delivery £24.91 total: £223.91)


bird table, bath, hook for feeder weather vane & bird


(With delivery £24.91 total: £213.91)

Registered design no.3025380



bird table, bath, hook for feeder & bird


(With coconut feeder £4.99 & delivery £24.91 total: £248.90) 

Registered design no.3022770


Squirrel Deflector
  Our specially designed & made squirrel baffle:

Squirrel Baffle under a bid table

Now available
Designed to fit all our bird tables - except the Larkrise.
You can see a photo of the baffle on each of the 5 bird tables
on the appropriate bird table page:
Zen  Spa  Songbird  Oiseaux  Fieldfare
it costs £29.50.


'Just to let you know that we are amazed at how well the squirrel baffle works!  They have pretty much given up now, but we have had almost as much fun watching them trying to figure it out as we have bird-watching! 

They climb the pole optimistically, then let go with their front paws to try and grab the rim, but oops no, wait a minute, I'm sliding... and down they come.  The nearest tree is about 10 feet away - a little apple tree - and they try climbing out on to the furthest twigs, to try and jump onto the table - they are so clever - but the twigs don't support them, so down they go.

All very amusing after years of watching them scoff every morsel laid out for the birds!'
B.R. Surrey

'The baffle is working perfectly. No squirrel now even attempts to climb the pole,
even though they look longingly at the food on the table.' 
J.C. Sissinghurst 

'…your excellent bird table which has indeed deflected our squirrels!
After unsucessfully trying to climb the main support and giving the baffle a hard stare,
the squirrels now ignore the bird table and feed on yew berries.' 
M.D. Shillingford

squirrels: back to your acorns!

You can have
 commemorative lettering carved into the stone base
of the bird table. We can organise this for you:

Bird tables with Carved Lettering in Stone Base

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Bird and Cherub Finials 


All the birdtables have the singing bird finial, 
but for £5.60 we will supply this cherub as well, 
so you can have a choice, a change of view - 
singing bird or dancing cherub today?

How to ensure you feel
cheerful & happy, despite the weather...

Larkrise Bird Table in a garden with 3 birds on it

Load up one of our bird tables with nuts, seeds & fat to
convince your neighbourhood birds to nest in your garden.
then watch from your house (with binoculars for close-ups) as they court,
build a nest, lay, hatch, feed and fledge a brood of baby birds. 
Months of delight ahead (to be repeated every year!), and your bird table
will be a pleasure to look at, regardless!



Quotes from previous customers:

 'Our Zen bird table has arrived and as Simon Cowell would say, we don't like it - we love it!  It is absolutely fabulous and a great addition to our garden.  My husband had no trouble erecting it on his own either.'
J.T. Bristol

'A friend and I assembled the table last weekend. It is absolutely wonderful! I had a panic that it might look too large for the surroundings but in fact it is perfect.
Like all your customers I was immensely impressed by your helpfulness and by the packaging and the care taken with everything - quite apart from being impressed by the quality and design of the table itself. The website is excellent too. Buying something from the web can be a bit anxious, but everything about the whole process in this case felt totally reassuring.
So, thank you very much indeed.'
P.H. Cambridgeshire

'The bird table is a great success - my husband loves it, as do the birds who were on it within seconds of its being erected.  We've had gale force winds here and it's staying its ground!'
Mrs H. Pembrokeshire. 

'The table arrived safely. Very pleased with it and the trouble you took to wrap it so well and keep me informed of the delivery process. Beautiful product and excellent customer services. Thank you.'
C.A. Merstham, Surrey

'Many thanks for sending the Zen bird table so quickly.  It arrived here safely at lunch time on Wednesday - better than first class post! 
We were impressed with the careful way you have packed the bird table for carriage - and how easy it was to erect. 
Thank you. My wife is delighted with her Golden Wedding gift and it now graces our garden almost as a piece of sculpture.'
C.W. Norwich

'Assembly - a doddle! Looks - excellent (I was very pleased when I came across your bird tables - certainly different from the boring "house on a pole"), both my wife and I are delighted with the bird table. 
- and it now has full approval from the local avian population!'
P.S. Petworth, Sussex

'I just had to write to register my delight with the "complete" service you have provided me recently. From ordering, keeping me informed of progress, to delivery, through to the excellent quality of the Spa bird table itself. It was clear when I opened the box to assemble the table on behalf of my wife that it had been made and packed with the utmost care and attention to detail.
Unfortunately I cannot remember the last time I was in a position to write a letter of thanks for a product or services I have purchased - a sad reflection of the times we live in perhaps. However, you and your organisation definitely have the right idea and my sincere thanks and congratulations go to you and the rest of the team !
My wife needless to say is absolutely delighted with the bird table and it has pride of place in our back garden
A.F. Tewkesbury
'Thank you so much for the superb service, superb packing, superb
instructions - and for a superb product. I am delighted.'
S.C. London

'My mother received the bird table on Friday, it has now been put together and she is over the moon with it. She has said that the build quality is really good and it looks great. A number of neighbours have been admiring it already. Within 24 hours of putting it up she has started to get birds visiting the table!
C.R. bristol

'The parcels arrived this morning. The bird table is now standing proudly in Norfolk. It is lovely. May I congratulate you on the packaging of your tables, very easily understood instructions (I did manage it on my own but fully agree with your idea that the tables should be assembled by two people) and helpful emails.'
D.R.  Norwich, Norfolk

'Hi, the bird table arrived today; what a beautiful piece of sculpture - my wife and I are over the moon with it - nice and strong, well worth the money. Many thanks for all the help you gave us.'
 J.P. Plymouth, Devon
'Just to let you know that the Larkrise has gone down very well - beautifully packed - shows a lot of thought.' 
J.R.  Reading, Berkshire (bought as a birthday present for his wife)

' is very stable - we get strong costal winds here and were worried, but the bird table is solid as a rock. The assembly instructions were very clear.  It has been much admired by neighbours and friends as well as being well used by our garden birds.'
D.B. Woodbridge, Suffolk

'Just thought that I would take 5 minutes and thank you for your prompt efficient service. My bird table arrived as planned, everything well packed with a simple guide to putting it up. It arrived at 10.30 and was assembled and in the garden by 11.15 .'
J.C. Wallsend, Tyne & Wear 

'Thanks for keeping us informed - we're really impressed, you don't often get service like this these days!'
G.L. Lincoln

'The bird table is fantastic. Never seen so many birds in my garden, they wait for me to get home from work now. You delivered the service that you said you would - that makes all the difference when you order on line.'
T.E. Bishop Aukland

Dear Website Visitor,
Whether you buy a bird table or not, please don't forget to put food out for the birds around your home, especially fat and seeds at this time of year.
Birds are courting now, so, to survive the cold weather and raise a healthy brood this year, they need us to be generous with bird food!
Because we feed our garden birds in this country, the populations have increased, so if we stop feeding them for whatever reason, they may go hungry and not thrive.

And don't forget to top up your bird bath - the water evaporates in windy, as well as in warm weather.